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Banc Financial Group is distinguished by our expertise and focus. For more than a quarter-century our experts have supported banks in complying with every aspect of federal consumer banking laws and regulations. Our consultants are former bankers and certified regulatory compliance managers and boast a minimum 20 years of experience in compliance. We identify issues and recommend realistic solutions to resolve compliance issues. We work proactively to prepare your compliance staff for new regulations and changes in the regulatory environment.

Your bank benefits from a long-term, one-on-one relationship with your BFG consultant, who works with your compliance staff on a daily basis and is backed by our team of experts collaborating to provide you comprehensive expertise in all federal consumer banking laws and regulations. Our level of bank compliance experience and expertise is unparalleled, and is evidenced by our track record of nearly three decades of getting and keeping our clients compliant.

BFG provides the independent, objective and cost-effective consultation that not only prepares your bank for regulatory compliance examinations, but helps you manage and minimize risk.

BFG Management

14ff95bPaul F. Myles

Mr. Myles is co-founder and CEO of BFG. He has more than 25 years of consulting and financial institution industry experience. Mr. Myles’s extensive experience includes advising banks on regulatory matters, loan due diligence for merger and acquisitions, loan portfolio quality, capital issues, policy formulation and organization/board development.

Mr. Myles is a contributor to various banking newsletters and conducts financial institution seminars. He contributes to varied BFG consulting projects to banks ranging from de novo status to multi-billion dollar holding institutions. Mr. Myles is a graduate of Florida State University and has conducted post-graduate studies in the areas of finance and banking.

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