Your Ideal Virtual Compliance Solution


Delivering a total compliance solution tailored to support your bank and its compliance needs.

We Get You Compliant. We Keep You Compliant


Supporting community bankers’ compliance programs and responsibilities.

Your Expert Compliance Professionals


Our A+ team with over 100 years of combined substantial banking and regulatory experience provides regulatory consumer compliance customized solutions for independent banks.

We get you compliant. We keep you compliant.


Community bankers are challenged by an environment of increasingly complex and ever-changing federal consumer banking laws and regulations. Dealing with difficult mandates and regulatory actions is time-consuming and costly.


Partnering with the Banc Financial Group’s team of expert and experienced compliance professionals will save you time and money. We provide independent, objective, and cost-effective consultations that not only prepare your bank for regulatory compliance examinations but help you manage and minimize risk.

Experience & Credentialed

For more than a quarter-century our experts have supported banks in complying with every aspect of federal consumer banking laws and regulations.

Specialized & Enterprise-Wide

We work to fill the gaps in your compliance knowledge and programs, structuring and implementing cost-efficient support from specialized reviews of compliance with a specific law or regulation to enterprise-wide solutions

On-Site & Targeted

We keep your staff current on all critical areas of federal consumer banking laws and regulations, delivering essential information that keeps them current and serves to sharpen your bank’s competitive edge.

We don‘t just identify problems, we help you resolve them


Since 1989, Banc Financial Group (BFG) has helped banks achieve and maintain compliance with the vast array of regulations that govern their services and interactions with consumers.

BFG offers the expertise, experience and time-tested programs that for more than a quarter-century have been getting banks compliant and keeping them compliant. Unlike traditional consultancies, we don‘t just identify problems, we help you resolve them. Your BFG consultant works with your compliance staff on a daily basis, every business day, addressing challenges as they arise and keeping you in compliance.

Partnering with BFG provides you with substantial cost-efficiencies in the development and maintenance of your compliance program: you don’t have to add staff and your current employees have more time to work on growing the bank’s business and profits.


        • Our consultants are seasoned professionals, former regulators and bankers, credentialed experts who review, develop, implement and manage bank compliance programs.
        • Regulators know our work as objective, accurate and credible.
        • Our effectiveness is proven by the consistently favorable regulatory examinations our clients receive.

See What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

A credible resource like Banc Financial Group is hard to come by. The name carries weight with examiners.

BFG’s consultants are all seasoned veterans with tremendous depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding.

As a deep and capable organization, BFG provides us the advantages of a broad scope of experience and expertise.

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